hey there! i'm molly - it's so nice to meet you. 

i'm in love with the city, making little films for fun, instagram, and reeses. 

i started blogging in the fall of 2013, with my best friend lauren. we called it THE LOLLY PROJECT. it was awesome, and such a fun way to get started in the blogging world. as TLP began to grow, i realized i really loved blogging and wanted to expand. thus, THIS + THAT was born. a collection of projects, recipes, adventures, and favorites, it's a journal of all the things that i love, and that i know you'll love, too. in addition to regular blog stuff, i document my life, as well as my family's life and what we do day to day. if you'd like, feel free to read and enjoy these posts! if not, just skip 'em!

my sister claire is my saving grace when it comes to right-hand (wo)men, and she aids in the filming of videos, photographing of posts, and is behind almost all the yummy food posts you see on here. to see more of her, click here!

when i'm not blogging for T+T, i'm creating custom content for a local donut shop near me - BB's baby donuts, shooting photos for flashstock, or filming little videos [for work + for fun --- if you're interested, i'd love to work with you!] i also love running, driving into the city, eating donuts + ice cream, repainting my room, wearing glasses, taking + editing photos, and bingeing netflix. :)

if you have any questions, feel free to email me at molly.thisandthat@gmail.com, or hit me up on the insta