it's that time of year again! when all the bloggers share with your their favorites from this year's nordstrom anniversary sale -- i promised myself i'd never conform to the basic blogger standards, but this year, the sale has got some awesome picks. + apparently raybans are on sale for the first time in the history of the anniversary sale? those are gonna be hard to resist! madewell also has some gorgeous staple pieces on sale, including my most coveted-over button fly jeans! scroll below, shop your heart out, or don't! regardless, i hope you're having a good saturday! basic blogger out!!



some days just require brunch foods at unique hours. like 6:30 pm. but to be honest, brunch is okay with me at any hour of the day, any day of the week, especially when it's as good as fairground's. a few weekends ago, my cousin alicia was in town visiting, so we reserved a day to wander around museums + drink coffee + eat all the pastries. 


we ordered countless drinks + bites + while doing so, the staff was incredibly friendly + gracious, even with our three indecisive personalities - haha! they also didn't care that we snapped a million photos for about 10 minutes before trying our order :) i had been to fairgrounds before, with my friend sarah, + had to take claire + alicia here so they could try it for themselves. anyway, this was the time we had brunch for dinner + took a lot of photos. just thought i'd share. thanks ok bye!

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pb balls-9.jpg

wheat. it's a delicious ingredient. buuuut i also cut it out of my life approximately one month ago. it would make me so bloated + in pain + blah blah blah you don't need to know all the details, but i've made it my mission to find good, gluten free snacks that are easy to make + taste yummy! my sister + cousin actually made these bad boiz first, about a year ago, but i started making them much more often these past few weeks! they're small little balls of oats + chocolate chips + peanut butter + more goodness. recipe below!! :)

pb balls-6.jpg

DIRECTIONS for the bites

  1. mix all the ingredients together + adjust to taste/consistency
  2. roll into bite-sized balls + refrigerate or freeze
  3. enjoy! 


INGREDIENTS for the bites

  • 1 cup of natural peanut butter
  • 2 cups of steel-cut oats
  • 1/2 cup of chocolate chips [or more!!]
  • 2/3 cups of honey
  • optional: coconut shreds! i've had different versions of these guys + they're all good, no matter what you add!
  • optional, pt. 2: protein powder! add some for an extra boost

guys - seriously, no joke when i say that i could eat a whole batch of these in one day. i usually make a double batch because they go. so. freakin'. fast. they're truly that good, + such a perfect gluten free snack when you're in a pinch. 

pb balls-8.jpg

do you have any snacks that you can't get enough of? anything with peanut butter is my weakness - add chocolate + oats into the mix + you've got yourself a budding addiction, haha! let me know if you try the recipe! cheers to gluten free snacks + protein bites + peanut butter :)

recipe adapted from bless this mess

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guuyyyyyyyys!! we did coffee, we did ice cream, + now... it's time for donuts!! my friends claire, sarah, + i ran all around chicago to find the best donuts + tell you all about them! [even if you didn't want to know - haha!] i hope you'll watch the video of our whole adventure! you can also find a written review below :) happy national donut day friends!


our first stop of the day was the doughnut vault! we made sure to go here first because once the donuts sell out, they're gone for the day! they have two locations, so that helps maximize your chances of getting donuts - we went to their franklin street one. it's a nice little walk in space with seating outside only, so in the wintertime things get a little challenging. the doughnut vault also switches up their donut flavors daily, + keeps you updated on twitter! the sales guys there was super nice + offered us extra donuts when we told him what we were up to for the day. overall, we rated the doughnut vault a solid 4/5!


our second stop was do-rite donuts. it was a little harder to find - we used apple maps for navigation + due to it being located in the heart of the city, siri had a little trouble getting us to the exact location with all the buildings blocking the signal. the parking situation is also a bit difficult, so be prepared to walk a block or two. as far as the donuts go, they were really great -- they have a lot of good gluten free options too! overall, we rated do-rite donuts a 3.5/5.

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the third place we tried was the dapper donut! they were previously called beavers donuts, + it still shows up that way on navigation. these donuts are mini + super good! i've had mini donuts before, but these guys were different! a little bit crunchy. there are a ton of different flavors to choose from, + you can either get 4, 6, or 12 mini donuts in a package. it's also inside a cute little french market that i've never seen before! the ordering process is a little difficult, but we all really liked the dapper donut. overall, we rated the dapper donut a 4/5.


for our fourth stop, we went to bombo bar -- you may have seen bombo mentioned in our chicago ice cream crawl! i have said it before + will say it again - bombo bar is definitely one of the most instagramable places in chicago! as for their donuts, they're more like decorated fried doughs, but worth it if you're looking for those like-worthy social media posts! overall, we rated bombo bar a 3/5.  

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Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 1.23.22 PM.png

our fifth + final stop was stan's donuts! i have always loved stan's, + i snag a donut from them almost every time i'm in the city. we went to their wicker park location, but they have a decent amount of other locations all around the city! one thing that really makes stan's stick out is the offering of [really good] gluten free + vegan donuts - they really accommodate for different dietary restrictions. they also sell bagels, coffee, tea, gelato milkshakes, + more. overall, we rated stan's donuts a 4.8/5.