i'll let you in on a little secret. i used to hate my smile. i've got a weird, t-shaped calcium deposit on one of my two front teeth courtesy of a high fever i had when i was a baby, i've still got those ridges on my teeth [ya know, the ones that appear when your big kid teeth grow in + are supposed to go away after a few years?] + overall my smile was dull. enter smile brilliant --- the thing that turned it alllll around! [keep scrolling for a discount code + a chance to win an SB kit!]

the way they do it is simple. you order your kit, you create molds of your teeth, send them in, receive your custom trays, + spend about an hour whitening your teeth! the kit comes with everything you need, + the packaging is really durable, so it holds up! i loved whitening before bed while watching netflix or working on the computer, but you can do it any time of the day. 





^^^^ i have generally sensitive teeth, so the fact that they include a desensitizing gel to use after the whitening solution was huuuge! 

being able to know that i can still enjoy my old lifestyle of coffee [a LOT of coffee] + other staining foods + drinks is so nice. smile brilliant has turned my old dull smile into something i'm proud of!

now it's your chance to try smile brilliant! for $20 off your trays, use the code TANDTBLOG20 [that's such a score --- don't miss your chance! the code only works for a week!] + enter here for your chance to win a free kit, allowing you to get your whitest smile ever. good luck + happy whitening!